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269205_10100250166137247_343955175_nMy name is Ross Helton and I am currently a senior undergraduate film and television student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I am focusing on editorial and digital post-production workflow. I have a great interest it these two areas because they are in the crosshairs of some of my favorite activities and strongest abilities. I have an obsessive need to maintain quality throughout the editing process.

So why am I here writing this blog? I guess you could say I have run into a wall since this is a relatively new area of filmmaking. I still want to expand what I know but I am limited to what I can find online and in class. I know that there are others out there in this same situation. I have gone through numerous technical issues that I have been forced to overcome and I want to share the tricks and tips I’ve learned through trial and error.

So what am I sharing? I will leave that for later posts, but generally it will deal with on set DIT, on set video village, on set editing, creating dailies, RED workflow, editing with AVID, editing with Premiere, setting up projects, and maintaining quality from beginning to end. I look forward to sharing and reading your responses, but I need to make something clear: I am still learning just like most people in my shoes. I am open to all thoughts and my posts and advice are based on my own experiences at a student level. I hope that you can find something interesting and enlightening on this website that can help further your progress in your field.

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